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Where you can find the London addresses that were important to famous Irish people and of people who were important to Ireland.

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Not your average clergyman’s daughter


Photo By Henry Herschel Hay Cameron – Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37933743

Alice Stopford Green, Historian and Nationalist (born Co. Meath 1847 – 1929). Lived at 30 Grosvenor Road SW1 where she helped plan the Howth gun-running.

She used her own money to partly pay for 1,500 rifles plus 45,000 rounds of ammunition. In 1914 these were brought across the North Sea in the yacht, Asgard, whose skillful crew included Erskine Childers. The arms and ammunition were landed at Howth Harbour on July 26th.  She was the daughter of a Church of Ireland clergyman and married to the Oxford historian J R Green.

Entry courtesy of research by Tony McDonnell.

The electron is an Offaly invention

File:GeorgeJohnstoneStoney(1826-1911),Undated(DateGuessedEarly1890s).jpgPhotograph courtesy Wikimedia Commons

George Johnstone STONEY, physicist, 1826 – 1911. Born Oakley Park between Clareen and Birr Co. Offaly, died at his home 30 Chepstow Crescent, Notting Hill W11. Of his many important discoveries, his coining of the word ‘electron’ had probably the widest application.




The coolest scientist

File:Lord Kelvin photograph.jpg

William Thomson, Lord Kelvin physicist born Belfast 1824 died 1907. President of the Royal Society 1885 – 1890. Interred (near Isaac Newton) in Westminster Abbey.

Among a lifetime of discovery he correctly determined the value of absolute zero, zero degrees Kelvin or minus 273.15 degrees centigrade – the coldest possible temperature and theoretically impossible to reach.

Kitchener was a Kerryman


Picture credit: Alfred Leete [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Horatio Herbert Kitchener (Lord Kitchener of Khartoum), secretary of State for War. Born Ballylongford Co. Kerry 1850 lost at sea 1916 when his ship, HMS Hampshire, hit a mine (the subject of conspiracy theories, one involving Irish Republicans).

All Souls’ Chapel in the North West of  St Paul’s Cathedral is dedicated to Lord Kitchener’s memory.  

File:Lord Kitchener's tomb, St Paul's Cathedral, London.JPGBy Stephen Dickson (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons



Born in Meath, hanged drawn and quartered in London


St Oliver PLUNKETT, martyr and Archbishop of Armagh, born Oldcastle, Co Meath 1629. A victim of Titus Oates’ ‘Papish Plot’, he was found guilty of high treason “for promoting the Catholic faith” and was condemned to be hanged, drawn and quartered. Executed at the Tyburn 1681, now 49 Connaught Square London W2. His preserved head can still be seen in St Peter’s Church Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland.

Photos: head of St Oliver Plunkett St Peter’s Church Drogheda, Ireland. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons user Trounce.

 Portrait of St Oliver Plunkett, in writer’s collection.

He immortalised the Liberator and is remembered in St Pauls

FOLEY John Henry, sculptor of the O’ Connell Monument, O’ Connell Street, Dublin (born Dublin 1818, died 1874) buried in St Paul’s Cathedral EC4M

Ireland’s Liberator, also educated in London

O’ CONNELL Daniel (The Liberator) politician (born Co Kerry 1775 died 1847)

Studied law at Lincoln’s Inn WC2A (Holborn)

Thanks to Wikicommons for the pictures

The Liberator of Chile was London-taught with Sligo roots


Bernardo O’HIGGINS, Liberator of Chile and founder of the Chilean Navy (born 1778, the son of a Sligo father, died 1842)
lived and studied at, Clarence House, 2 The Vineyard, Richmond TW10 where there is a bust of him. 

As a mark of the esteem in which he is held in Chile, there is a national park and at least one airport named in his honour. He is also honoured in Sligo and has featured on Chilean and Irish stamps. The bicentenary of Chilean independence will be celebrated in 2017.



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Where is all this going?

Pounding the pavement and recording these people is all very fine but perhaps a little academic. Instead, I hope this blog will develop a life of its own – with a proper map of personalities, a series of walks and tours and ultimately an idea that can be transferred to any combination of country and city. Your contributions to achieving this are all welcome.


What Longford man is honoured in Westminster Abbey?

GOLDSMITH Oliver, poet and playwright – born Co. Longford 1730 – there is a cenotaph in his honour at Poet’s Corner, Westminster Abbey, SW1P. He lived at many London addresses for years avoiding debtors until he was ‘discovered’. One of his best-remembered works, She Stoops to Conquer (Mistakes of a Night) was written while lodging at a farm house in Hyde Lane – now Colindale North West London. He was buried (1774) in the burial ground of the Church of Saint Mary (Middle Temple church yard).

Oliver Goldsmith


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