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Where you can find the London addresses that were important to famous Irish people and of people who were important to Ireland.

The electron is an Offaly invention

File:GeorgeJohnstoneStoney(1826-1911),Undated(DateGuessedEarly1890s).jpgPhotograph courtesy Wikimedia Commons

George Johnstone STONEY, physicist, 1826 – 1911. Born Oakley Park between Clareen and Birr Co. Offaly, died at his home 30 Chepstow Crescent, Notting Hill W11. Of his many important discoveries, his coining of the word ‘electron’ had probably the widest application.

This St Patrick’s Day – Thursday March 17th and again on Sunday 20th March, Tony McDonnell, Blue Badge Tourist Guide will lead two of his famous Emerald City Tours.

Both tours start off from the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral at 2:00. The tours take about two and a half hours and are an easy walk – break included. If you can’t find him on the steps, ring him at 07850 184790.

The tour brings Irish history alive like nothing else, listening to Tony is like living the history – take your first step into Irish history of London this month.




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