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Where you can find the London addresses that were important to famous Irish people and of people who were important to Ireland.

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The First Woman Bishop



A slight change of direction to mark international Women’s Day, Wednesday 8 March.

St Bride’s Church Fleet Street EC4Y 8AU, honours Brigid (Kildare), one of Ireland’s best known saints. She was mistakenly and irrevocably consecrated a bishop thus gaining equal status about 1,500 years ago.

If you cannot visit the church, then a visit to its website is recommended – www.stbrides.com  Here, in its rich history you can learn how its steeple inspired the traditional, tiered wedding cake and about the well-known couple who renewed their vows here on March 5 2015. 

image courtesy of      Wikimedia Commons

image courtesy of Wikimedia commons


Three free tours, a hundred-thousand welcomes and a big thank you


Next, and slightly overdue, a hearty welcome or ‘cead mile failte’ to our new followers. We hope you are enjoying this perspective of London.  


Also overdue, a big thank you or ‘go raibh maith agat’ to London Street Views and London Details, two excellent sites that name us among their favourite sites. We will return the compliment and provide you with a link to them very soon.


Finally, our great, blue-badge friend, Tony McDonald, has been busy, he has organised three walking tours featuring the Irish history and geography of London:

March 16th is London and the 1916 Rising, in and around Whitehall

March 17th (St Patrick’s Day) The Emerald City Tour, from St Paul’s to Covent Garden

March 18th is, When the String Broke, a tour of Irish Camden.

All are free, a part of the Mayor’s St Patrick’s Day events  – so go now to www.walkinglondonhistory.co.uk for the details. Tell him we sent you – please.


Give at least one of his walks a try, he can really bring information like this to life.



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